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Which Product?

Should you choose Steel or Aluminium?

Pre-Galvanised Steel

The steel material we use is pre-galvanised internally and externally. Steel is light but also very strong. All welding utilises non-rusting, stainless steel wire. We further enhance the protection with a powdercoat finish. All the fence fittings or spear-tops are aluminium-alloy, again resisting rust. This is suitable for most areas but is not recommended for areas with high mineral or salt water environments as within approximately 2 kilometers of the ocean where Aluminium is preferred.


Aluminium fencing products are rarely affected by corrosion and are ideal for all areas that have a high salt or aggressive environment such as coastal or farming districts. Aluminium is preferable to all steel products for corrosion resistance, however Aluminium is a soft material and is not suitable for certain types of fencing such as security type fencing without a centre rail as it is not as robust as steel.

Extra Protection

An extra-rich zinc undercoat can be specified for even greater rust protection in a hostile environmental. These coatings give similar corrosion resistance results as Hot Dip Galvanised coatings, and the finish is far better. However, they are not suitable for intricate design where it is difficult to get good powder-coat coverage. Because this zinc coating is applied under the coloured powder-coat finish it is not visible and gives a very good product finish.

To further protect the base metal and also the powder-coat finish (also available for Aluminium) then a Clear Coat Protectant can be applied over top of the coloured topcoat. Put together with a zinc basecoat, then the colour of your choice and a clear top coat, this 3 stage process ensures that no aggressive airborne particles can permeate the coatings and create corrosion of the base metal and it also protects the coloured finish. The overall product finish of this Clear-Coat is excellent and really makes the product last. If you live within 2 km of the beach then this is the best option for you. It may cost a bit more when purchased but the lasting results are well worth it.