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Pool Fencing Perth, WA

The first priority for any pool fence is to make sure the kids are safe!
The goods news is ALL of Crazy Pedros fences will keep the kids safe so you have a huge range to choose from, we have in excess of 30 different designs!

You can choose from any of our fence designs, in either steel, aluminium or glass and the colour choice is even bigger.

A key point to bear in mind when choosing the colour of your new pool fence is that you want it to blend in. We understand that the pool is the main feature so try to use a darker colour or blend it with surrounding environment.

At Crazy Pedros we understand that your requirements might be a bit different from someone else's so what ever you need we can make it. You can have any height, stepped panels, raked panels for over garden bed or even curves if that is your choice. You can even mix two designs together, tubular as the main fence and then glass where its most visible.

When your fence is measured and installed by Crazy Pedros or a referred installer then we guarantee council approval. All our pool latches are the magnetic variety making them the best on the market.

We also stock a range of standard fence panels and gates for pickup right now if your in a real rush!!
This can be DIY Fencing or an fully installed item.
Call us now for a Free Measure & Quote

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Pool Fencing in Perth, WA Pool Fencing in Perth, WA Pool Fencing in Perth, WA
Pool Fencing in Perth, WA Pool Fencing in Perth, WA Pool Fencing in Perth, WA
Pool Fencing in Perth, WA Pool Fencing in Perth, WA Pool Fencing in Perth, WA

Australian Standards for Swimming Pool Safety

The standards cover the design, construction and performance of fences that restrict the access of young children to swimming pools. All our pool fences comply with the strength and design aspect of the standard. We also need to consider the placement of the fence at your house to ensure that it complies with the standard. Some key aspects of the Australian Swimming Pool Standards are:

  • The fence must be at least 1200mm high measured from the ground;
  • The gates must swing away from the pool and be self closing, self latching and have child resistant latches;
  • There must be a clear span of at least 1200mm from the top of the fence outside the pool area;
  • There must be at least 900mm between any horizontal rails;
  • The maximum gap in or under the fence is 100mm

Additional information is available from your local council, Standards Australia or one of our knowledgeable staff.