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Fence Care and Maintenance

Although we use only top quality fencing material, all powder-coated products change their appearance when exposed to the weather. Regular cleaning is recommended to keep your fencing free from corrosive properties (salt, fertilizer, chemicals etc).

To maintain the good looks of your powder coated product, it needs regular washing all over not just the parts that are sheltered from the rain. In fact looking after your fence is very much like looking after a new car a regular wash keeps your investment in smart condition. Washing with a soft brush and mild pH neutral detergent followed by thorough rinsing with fresh water will ensure that substances such as airborne salts, dirt and pollutants detrimental to the long term performance of the powder coated film are removed.

Detergents that recommend the use of gloves when handling should be avoided, as this is a good indication that the detergent is harsh and therefore unsuitable. Although some strong solvents are recommended for removing sealants or other building residues, these may be harmful to the extended life of the powder coated surface and should also be avoided.

Where the atmosphere is deemed to be non-hazardous such as rural or normal urban Perth environments, cleaning must take place at least every 12 months.

In areas subject to high pollution such as industrial areas, geothermal environments or coastal environments then the cleaning frequency should be increased to every three months. In particularly hazardous locations such as beachfronts, severe marine environments or areas of high industrial pollution the period between cleaning should be reduced to monthly.

If this maintenance is not done then the surface will breakdown and the base material can be damaged causing the fencing to corrode or rust prematurely voiding any warranty period.

Crazy Pedros can only warrant fencing & gate products if the right base metal is ordered to suit the environmental conditions of the area. Please ask your rep if unsure what should be used.